Your Education – Parents’ Choice?!

06 August 2016 / by Zviad Adzinbaia (author)
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Candy is a 25-year old girl, who has dreamed of becoming a Rock singer, who would change things around her. Candy desired to fight injustice and stereotypes in her community having music as a weapon for it.    

With this purpose, Candy, then 18, joined a local musical band and made her very first steps successfully. She authored stimulating texts of “Cherry Ice Cream” and “A Little Bit of Warmth.” Later, Candy along with her friends presented scene-versions of those texts for the wider audience.

The enthusiastic young lady was progressing day-by-day. She was envisioning her future career with great optimism until the day of National Exams arrived. She was certain that her future should be connected to the arts in a wide sense where she would reach career heights. Adversely, his dad insisted that Candy become a professional translator – otherwise he would not pay for his daughter’s tuition expenses.

Disappointed Candy did not want to stay beyond any kind of higher education and forcefully agreed to his dad's wish. At the same time, she encouraged herself to find a way out of studying English language. In fact, the student successfully earned her diploma of humanitarian sciences having no sense of why she did it other than her dad’s imperative willingness. “CONGRATULATIONS dad. This is what you wanted. Make a very good use of it,” told Candy to his father after giving him a diploma for which she wasted entire four years.

For Candy, those 4 years of her Bachelor’s studies appeared to be a nightmare, as she had to do things she was totally distant from, emotionally. However, she always found time to join her band time after time in a hidden way from her dad. Once the art-aspired woman realized that she should become self-sufficient, she decided to proceed with it.

Soon after that, Candy started her first job and got financially independent. Today, she is following her path she cherishes. Candy has fully returned to her band and is doing her Master’s studies in Psychology, simultaneously. She desires to use arts and psychology in combination in order to help children with autism in Georgia.

Notably, there are a number of such cases in Georgia like one of Candy. Around a majority of future students are not allowed to plan their careers independently. Hence, we see the final aftermath where students hold their diplomas with no real chances to make their proper use.

The solution from this deadly difficulty should be in having more freedom from everything when it comes to selecting a profession. Such liberty would enable youth, even at the price of mistakes, to be responsible on themselves and transform their challenges into possibilities.

In addition, such an approach toward career issues will definitely improve the current dire situation in Georgia in terms of employment and quality education. This would itself lead future generations toward better professional successes.

Let’s be freer, ask a question “Why?” repeatedly and make our important steps with greater care!

“Science, Labor, Liberty” - “Scientia, Labor, Lobertas”