Working Meeting with Online Radios

06 June 2016 / by Zviad Adzinbaia (author) Georgian Team (photo: ) Georgian Team


On May 26, Georgian team hosted online radios at hotel Bomond Garden in Tbilisi. The meeting lasting more than six hours was primarily dedicated to activities and future plans of the online radios operating in Georgia since 2014, under the platform of

The youth radios summed up their previous activities emphasizing their successes achieved throughout the year and half. Representatives of radio My Voice, whose shows and programs have been pioneering among the other seven online radios, underscored some of their key shows, through which the young volunteers have been contributing to the public good. My Voice has been operating on a daily basis in order to make their own share in objectively broadcasting actual cultural and social news in Georgia. Having this purpose, the radio has launched its Winter School for Future Journalists and various radio programs to have effective communication with the public.

Interestingly, Radio CSM’s volunteers’ dedication is worth noting, who have already given opportunities to Caucasus University students to get professional experience in media as well as to talk about some pressing issues for the society. One of CSM’s successful shows is Traveler, though which the junior journalists tell the audience about European capitals and their distinguished features.

Among other radios, there were LOSI and radio Free Association, whose youth teams are based on volunteerism. [They] offer motivated and talented youth a chance to develop professionally and boost a level of information in their respective communities. In addition, Multimedia Training Center’s online radio MTC, which is mainly composed of practitioner journalists, also participated in the meet-up.

The gathering involved a very interactive format, where the participants shared their experiences of radio edition and planning, to one another. A Tbilisi-based online radio Aliq Media also took part in the discussion.

Throughout the meet-up, the radio representatives answered questions concerning their radio shows and future plans. One of the invited guests to the meeting was Khatia Jinjikhadze, Media Program Manager at the Open Society Georgia Foundation.

At the end of the working day, the project partakers and the coordination team of celebrated their cooperation and enjoyed networking dinner. is the online radio platform, which brings together radios from the South Caucasus countries and enables youth from Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia to develop their journalistic skills and have their word into the general media space around them. The project is being implemented by Open Society Georgia Foundation with the financial and technical support of Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) and a Prague-bases organization, Sourcefabric. 

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