Georgia Celebrated Europe Day

13 May 2016 / by Zviad Adzinbaia (author)
A bubble with the EU flag  (photo: Georgian team.)
A bubble with the EU flag / (photo: Georgian team.)


On May 8, Tbilisi hosted a grand event celebrating a Europe Day. The capital city of Georgia brought together hundreds of volunteers from diverse regions, tourists, diplomats, artists and others, to emphasize Georgia’s European course. The celebration took place in the very heart of the town, Old Tbilisi.

Diplomatic missions of the EU countries in Georgia presented their activities for Georgian citizens. In fact, the EU-supported educational program, Erasmus+, which has helped more than 1000 Georgian students receive quality education in the EU countries, was widely highlighted.

Apart from Erasmus, the UK, Germany, Estonia, Poland and other EU countries offered their individual exchange programs, which enable Georgian students of different levels to pursue their Master's degrees outside Georgia. Among the other programs, there are British Chevening and German DAAD, assisting Georgian undergraduates continue their education in some leading British and German universities with full scholarship.

Remarkably, the EU countries’ Embassies in Tbilisi, in order to underscore Georgia’s European path, issued symbolic visas for Georgian citizens. The fact was received highly positively by those, who, at certain times, perceived Georgia’s European integration skeptically. The youth, who were granted their symbolic visas were asked simple questions on the EU, prior to receiving a stamp in their passports.

The festivity also included a concert and other kinds of entertaining activities, uniting hundreds of youngsters from different Georgian regions to participate. In particular, Georgian high school students’ performance of European folk songs further emphasized common values for the young generations of Georgia and Europe in general. 

In the second part, Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili also joined the celebration. The President, who himself holds MA degree from Central European University, highlighted the importance of receiving education in EU countries for Georgian students. He also encouraged the event organizers and participants saying that the celebration will ultimately lead the county toward the full membership of the European Union.

European Days are annually marked in Georgia. Through this circle of events, Georgia emphasizes her firm position on the path of returning to her historical and cultural family, Europe.

“More Europe in Georgia – more Georgia in Europe.”

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