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31 March 2016 / by Zviad Adzinbaia (author)
მაგდა სარსევანიძე, რადიო CSM-ის მოხალისე (photo: )
მაგდა სარსევანიძე, რადიო CSM-ის მოხალისე


Magda Sarsevanidze is a 20-year old journalist at the Caucasus School of Media. Nearly two years ago, Magda and her friends, in order to promote their ideas and values, decided to create an online radio. Luckily, for the youth on their track of voluntarism, Open Society Georgia Foundation and a Prague-based organization Sourcefabric appeared to be quite helpful. The two esteemed organizations assisted the youngsters financially and technically, that led to founding Radio CSM (Caucasus School of Media).

Having successful specimens of European and American universities, the enthusiastic Georgian youth developed their own internet platform. It enables the CSM’s team live their active civil lives. Interestingly, shortly after inauguration, CSM has justified hopes of its founders. The radio format greatly invigorates thousands of students at the Caucasus University in Tbilisi. CSM is a venue for receiving a practical experience in journalism and for having means of direct communication with the broader public.

Notably, not only the CSM team has aimed at advancing their own experience and knowledge, but they are very much keen on creating an alternative space in Georgian media. In fact, CSM mainly focuses on topics that are frequently neglected by traditional media.

Relatively, CSM has prioritized the themes of music, art, education and other. Among over five other programs, the team of volunteers have designed a radio program “Literatsia’’, which is the most popular among their listeners. Lteratsia serves to discuss modern and classical literature. Similarly, the CSM team frequently invites esteemed Georgian authors in order to talk about their own works.

Importantly, over 20 volunteers of Radio CSM effectively manage to have successful academic records and make their own contributions to their society. CSM brings together thousands of listeners in and outside of the Caucasus University.

In the meantime, Magda Sarsevanidze has tailored her own radio program “Sotsiograma” concentrating on central social matters. “Topics that are not sufficiently covered by traditional media are not marginal. CSM’s attempt is to contribute to filling the gap in this media space,” Magda says.

Sarsevanidze believes that understanding of the values of freedom and independence greatly inspires the youth to become more informed and therefore, significant individuals in their communities.  

In purpose of increasing her own share to the societal matters in Georgia, Magda Sarsevanidze plans to continue her academic career in the United States. She hopes for pursuing her MA degree in social sciences and returning to Georgia as a qualified journalist. “Freedom is the key principle which opens every door to me,” she concludes.

After graduation, the current team of CSM is going to share their experience and inherit the radio to the next generation of the Caucasus University.

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